At BSBC we believe it is of the upmost importance that children are exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior at an early age. While the adults gather for a time of worship and prayer, children gather to learn about the teachings of the Bible. Our children and youth participate in the “Master Club” which allows children and youth to be taught at appropriate age levels and exposed to the Savior Jesus Christ and His teachings from the KJV Bible.

Children and Juniors are challenged while participating in the Master Club program while growing in GODS WORD through different benchmarks which teaches a consistent and persistent Godly way of living and growing in the LIGHT OF GOD’S WORD.

Young people are taught GOD’S WORD from the Pro Teens series which teaches the doctrine of our Faith by focusing on who we are, who we need, what HE gives freely, and how to grow as a follower of JESUS CHRIST. BSBC considers young people to be an important part of the make up of our church. Young people at BSBC have an opportunity to grow in GOD’S WORD and mature not only physically, but most importantly spiritually.

All teaching at BSBC is taken from the KING JAMES VERSION OF THE BIBLE.