Sunday School is a wonderful way for the Word of GOD to be presented to those who hunger to learn and grow in the Christian Walk. At BSBC we offer classes for children with age appropriate Christ centered teaching which exposes children at the critical years of forming learning about our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. We believe at BSBC it is extremely important to expose children at an early age to GOD’S WORD.

There are also classes for juniors and teenage young people. GOD’s WORD is needed for those whom are in the process of growing out of being children and not quite adults. Classes are offered for these folks to present the WORD of GOD as a “light in the darkness” and as a road map on life’s road as maturation takes place in these young peoples lives. BSBC believes it is important and essential for young people to be filled with GOD while disconnecting with the ways of the world.

There is also an adult class where GOD’S WORD is presented as HOLY and TRUE taken from the KJV Bible to help mature Christians for daily walk in a sin sick world. GODS WORD is studied and examined to help those come to a better understanding of what GOD is saying to HIS people.

At BSBC all Preaching and teaching is taken from the KING JAMES VERSION of the BIBLE  without apology.